January 2010 News
Table of Contents

1 (Mon)

  • Spring Camp starts. All teams spring training camps start today. Visit spring camp’s page for details and each team’s schedule for timetable.
  • Shimoyanagi renewed contract. Tiger’s pitcher, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi (41) signed a 180 million JPY contract yesterday (1/31), a 72 million JPY down from last season. Troubled with a knee injury for most of the season, Shimoyanagi pitched 22 games, with 8 wins – 8 loses and 3.62 ERA.

2 (Tue)

  • SoftBank's Kazumi Saitoh to have 3rd surgery. Two-time Sawamura Award recipient Kazumi Saitoh is scheduled for a surgery today (2/2) in Chiba. A right shoulder injury has haunted Saitoh for the last couple of year. Saitoh has no appearance since the first surgery in January 2008 and is predicted to miss most if not all of current season. Saitoh's career stat: 150 games, 79 wins - 23 loses, 3.33 ERA.
  • Camp Report: Lion's 1st pick, Yusei throws 150 pitches, including 86 pitches in the bullpen, on his first day at spring camp, impresses coaches with his pitching form. Also spending his time in the bullpen was Hanshin Tigers' catcher, Kenji Johjima. Paired with pitchers, Andoh, Nohmi, and Uezono, "It is most important to first know each pitcher's ability and style.", commented the ex-Mariners.
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